Honest. Честный. Mafia boss / Undercover agent / Police officer


I have betrayed you. Please don’t forgive me I’ll do it again

Я предам тебя. Пожалуйста, не верь мне, я сделаю это снова…

The complex relationship between the head of the mafia clan, an undercover agent and a police officer. Сложные отношения между главой мафиозной группировки, агентом под прикрытием и полицейским.


Source Video / Источники видео: 橙红年代 | Age of Legends | Огненные годы (2018)
紮職 | Triad | Триада (2012)
岁未成年 | Suddenly Seventeen | Снова семнадцать (2016)
英雄本色2018 | A Better Tomorrow 4 | Светлое будущее 2018 (2018)
那 件 疯狂 的 小事 叫 爱情 | I Love That Crazy Little Thing | Я люблю эту сумасшедшую малявку (2016)

Cast | Каст: 

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Music | Музыкальная композиция | BGM: Nico Collins – “Honest”

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Maybe it’s the way I was born and raised
Cut off my emotion to survive my days
Now I see people as a way to get by
All I gotta do is find the truth in my lies
Five months later, you’re still around
You should be embarrassed by the way I let you down
Making excuses for you and not me
Blame it on yourself cuz you’re too afraid to leave
You keep saying that you’re needing me
See me for the man that you swear I’ll be
But you ain’t gonna know me the way I do
I’d never give it up on a life for two

Gun to my head and you know you can’t help me
Another in my bed and you know you can’t help me
Took another hit and you know you can’t help me
Just go, yeah, just go
I don’t understand why you’re so forgiving
Caught me red-handed but you still won’t listen
You know what I told you since the day we started
I’ll always be “honest”

The cops are at your door and they ask you where I am
You paint a puzzled face and you lie for me again
Risking your life like you do a hundred times
Eventually you’re gonna take the fall for my crimes
Slam the door and look me in the eye
Screaming this is gonna be the last time
You’re tired of me taking advantage
So I cry and you pay for the damage

Gun to my head and you know you can’t help me
Another in my bed and you know you can’t help me
Took another hit and you know you can’t help me
Just go, yeah, just go
I don’t understand why you’re so forgiving
Caught me red-handed but you still won’t listen
You know what I told you since the day we started
I’ll always be “honest”

When it gets heavy you break down and say
“Why are you heartless who made you this way?”
I stare at you vacantly right through your face
I draw a blank
I-I-I draw a blank
Throwing my sh*t cuz you don’t understand
The reasons behind why I am who I am
You beg for the answer we know I don’t have
I draw a blank
I-I-I draw a blank

Gun to my head and you know you can’t help me
Another in my bed and you know you can’t help me
Took another hit and you know you can’t help me
Just go, yeah, just go
I don’t understand why you’re so forgiving
Caught me red-handed but you still won’t listen
You know what I told you since the day we started
I’ll always be “honest”

I have betrayed you
I have betrayed you
Please don’t forgive me I’ll do it again
I have betrayed you
I have betrayed you
I’ll always be “honest”

I have betrayed you
I have betrayed you
Please don’t forgive me I’ll do it again
I have betrayed you
I have betrayed you
I’ll always be “honest” [/su_spoiler]

China ver.2 《斯德哥爾摩情人》Stockholm Lover

Music | Музыкальная композиция | BGM: 陳奕迅 Eason Chan 《斯德哥爾摩情人》Stockholm Lover [su_spoiler title=”♩ ♪ ♫ ♬𝄞 ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬𝄞” style=”fancy”]斯德哥爾摩情人

逃避 分開的孤獨 
情願 一起不舒服
其實你那佔有欲 咬噬我血肉 
怕我也有份 教育

未能做 空虛的枯木 
滯留在 擠湧的監獄
明白你有控制欲 我為了大局 
上了癮也不 戒 毒

沒有兩巴掌 怎制止痕癢
糊塗地軟弱當善良 誰就這樣變善良 
你更放肆得漂 亮

也許當我感到窒息 想逃亡 
也許早已戀上共綁匪 苦海慈航
原諒你越愛越惡 滿足我預計的失望

還是受害 受用 犯賤 犯到 被虐成狂
能為你忍受 然後當享受 

為逃避 輕鬆得孤獨 
便寧願 緊張得舒服
無謂設計了佈局 這樣快結局 

像戰爭片 最好有死有傷 
未嚇到 尖叫哭也不流暢
完全為配合我軟弱 才令你樂意肆虐 

也許早已適應 就此跟綁匪同床
誰料你 誰料我 能合作到愛死對方
應該也 不只一次幻想怎麼逃亡
情慾要被你勒索 也許有助刺激心臟

還是受害 受用 犯賤 犯到被虐成狂
能為你忍受 然後當享受 

完全為配合我軟弱 才令你樂意肆虐 
作惡也要好 對 象

誰料你 誰料我 能合作到愛死對方
情慾要被你勒索 也許有助刺激心臟

還是 受害 受用 犯賤 犯到被虐成狂
別喊冤 別叫屈 別訴苦在這宗慘案
全賴我忍受 才令你享受



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Ah Ting since childhood did not know parental love. His father got drunk and beat the mother, woman his hatred for her husband endured on his son. The only bright feeling for Ah Ting was friendship with a classmate of Ma Ke.
When Ma Ke’s father was able to find a good job, family moved to another city and A Ting was left all alone. He cut off all feelings and 15 years later became Clark Lee – the head of the most influential mafia group in the port city of Sh., His gang fully controlled prostitution, drug trafficking and weapons.
The police tried many times to inject their agent into a influential mafia clan but each attempt was unsuccessful and there was an alley from the graves of those killed in the performance of the police at the local cemetery.
Ma Ke and Zhou Chao became friends at the Police Academy. For a long time, their relationship did not cross the brink of friendship. At the prom, Ma Ke drank a lot and admitted Zhou Chao that he liked him much more than only friend. Zhou did not reject him, asked for time to think. Zhou Chao was a very ambitious young man and wanted to quickly climb the career ladder. Given  policy regarding non-standard relationships a relationship with a man would be a big problem for him. But he could not reject Ma Ke’s feelings either.
When graduates of the Police Academy arrived at their destination at the police station City Sh., their relationship was balanced on the edge.
Friends (still friends) plunged into the development of the Black Dragon Lee’s Gang deciding to destroy it by all means. The Нead of the Gang Clark Lee was practically invulnerable – cold in feelings, cruel and very careful, did not maintain long-term close relationships with anyone, preferring brief connections with elite prostitutes from brothels under his control. In search of his weak points, friends deepened into the biography of the mafia boss. When Ma Ke saw the only childish photo of Clark from the school album, he turned pale and said: “Ah, Ting …” 
Ma Ke’s father married a woman of low social status and his parents kicked him out of the house. Because of this, the young family had to live in a poor quarter with little money from casual earnings. When Ma Ke was 9 years old, his grandfather fell ill and called on a recalcitrant son. Ma Ke’s life made a sharp turn. He and his parents moved to another city, where his father began working at his family’s enterprise. The Ma Ke’sfamily no longer needed, the brother and sister were born. Ma Ke received a good education and life-long maintenance from his grandfather after his death. He could choose his own way.
Since childhood having learned the injustice and filth of the world Ma Ke has decided to devote his life to protecting people and becoming a policeman. He didn’t have such ambitions as Zhou Chao’s, he just wanted to be needed and help. Ma Ke has almost forgotten about his childhood friend – a boy with wolf eyes that grew up in a real wolf.
 Despite the risk of Ma Ke and Zhou Chao decided to use this acquaintance for the introduction of the gang. Half a year was spent creating the legend. Ma Ke opened a shop selling motorcycles, made acquaintance with people from a youth biker gang  and began to participate in racing without rules as it was known that sometimes Clark Lee also appears in these races.
Ma Ke was able to beat Clark in one of the nightly races. When Clark took off his helmet Ma Ke played a surprise: “And Ting? Is really it you?” … Clark Lee seemed to be hit. For a moment, a shadow of emotion flashed across his blank expression. He nodded. “Ma Ke …” – and just left.
Zhou Chao and Ma Ke thought their plan failed. They already wanted to turn off the operation. But at night unknown people in masks burst into Ma Ke’s apartment. They twisted him, injected a drug, blindfolded and taken away in an unknown direction.
Ma Ke remembered everything that happened very vaguely. They brought him to a very rich house, pushed him into the room where Ah Ting was waiting for him. But it was not at all a friend from his childhood. А beast that without saying a word threw him on the bed tore off his clothes and took what Ma Ke wanted to give only to Zhou Chao.
In the morning he came to himself with difficulty. Clark Lee was gone. Silent servants brought him home clothes, helped him wash, served breakfast. Any of his wishes were fulfilled, but he could not leave the house. In the evening, Clark Lee gave him a choice – either it will again be a drug or voluntarily. It was then that he said this phrase: “I hate lies most of all. I will always be honest with you.” But this honesty went beyond universal morality. And whatever choice Ma Ке did in the future, he always lost.
Ma Ke was not going to become a drug addict and he needed to destroy the gang and that bastard. To do this, it was necessary to get closer to Lee. Become his lover? Isn’t that very close?
So he thought then, but everything turned out to be much more complicated.
After 5 months of regular meetings, Ma Ke still remained only a Clark Lee’s sex toy. During all this time, Clark did not deign even a hundred words, he just used him, although he was gentle in bed and cared about meeting not only his needs. This was completely inadequate for Ma Ke.
Relationship with Zhou Chao underwent a crisis. He did not blame him directly, but Ma Ke felt that Zhou believed that Ma Ke was satisfied with this hanging situation and he did not want to do anything against Ah Ting. To some extent, Ma Ke himself was guilty of such an attitude. To spare a friend’s feelings, he told Zhou that he himself had initiated sexual contact with Clark, that everything was voluntary and by mutual desire. No drugs, abduction and violence … Zhou thought that this was not a necessity and that friendship would be enough to join the gang. Given the zero result of such an “introduction to the gang” Zhou Chao began to lose confidence in his friend and his methods.
Clark Lee was brutally jealous. During their private meetings, no one was allowed to enter his private chambers and see naked Ma Ke. One day, Ma Ke jokingly left the guest rooms in one towel. As a result, Clark in his eyes beat half to death of a servant who saw his lover in this form. Clark warned him more than once that he should be the only lover for Ma Ke. At the same time, he did not deny that he was cheating on him. He did not answer Ma Ke’s calls for weeks but Ma Ke had to fly to where he was ordered on the first call. This was also the “honesty” of Clark Lee.
Clark often said that if Ma Ke doesn’t like something, he can break their connection at any time. But the way he said it made Ma Ke feel like a cornered mouse. For some reason, he was sure that if tomorrow he really wanted to leave, a car would come again for him and he would wake up chained to a bed in the basement of Clark’s house. And this illusion of freedom and choice that he left to him will no longer exist. The only way out of this trap was to put Clark Lee in prison for life, and for this he needed to find a way to infiltrate the gang. Therefore, Ma Ke decided to provoke a lover.
Earlier, the police managed to inject their man into the service personnel of one of the nightclubs owned by Clark Lee. He often held business negotiations there and just had fun with people from his gang. Upon learning that Clark is planning a meeting with one of his “business” partners in the club, Ma Ke decided to force the flow of events..
At the appointed time, he came to this club with biker friends and gave a great show with mega-orders, smashing dishes, drunken fights and karaoke-type songs with girls, which the “big boss” usually preferred. In the process of drinking, he even managed to make friends with several guys from the Lee’s gang. When attracted by the noise Clark left the private zone he found Ma Ke who was drunk in smoke and singing a song “about a broken heart, dedicated to his heartless lover”. In the process of wailing, he managed to hang on one of Lee’s girls and wink at one of Lee’s guys. But Clark couldn’t be mad at Ma Ke. During the last week, he was preparing to receive a large batch of goods from Japan and the cops became especially active. There was no time for meetings with Ma Ke and Clark ignored his calls. To a certain extent, he took the vindictive and childish trick of his lover quite condescendingly with pleasure watching Ma Ka relaxed in his club.
But all his indulgence melted away like smoke as soon as Ma Ke tried to retire to one of the prostitutes …
As punishment, he forced Ma Ke to watch while Clark himself with this prostitute engages in perverse sex. He controlled that Ma Ke did not look away and in some moments reminded him: “Look carefully, you will have to repeat what she is doing now.” And Clark really made him repeat it more than once.
In the morning he ordered Ma Ke to get out of the city. “If I see you again, I will kill you,” he said, throwing the battered and demoralized Ma Ke into the street.
When Ma Ke told Zhou Chao that he had failed the implementation operation and Clark ordered him to get out of the city, friend was even glad. Zhou comforts a Ma Ke: not everyone can be an agent and it may even be better that all this dirt will not touch him. The same listens to Zhou bitterly and cannot admit how much he is already smeared with this “dirt”. Zhou Chao promises to petition for Ma Ke to be returned to work for the police, but Ma Ke replies that he will better return to his hometown. When Zhou asked if Ma Ke wanted to leave the police. Ma Ke said that while Clark Lee was free he would not be a policeman in this city. Zhou is forced to admit that this is true. He promises to plant Clark as quickly as possible so that his friend can be with him again. Ma Ke collects things and buys a ticket for the morning train.
At night, hears someone trying again and again to dial the code on the door. Ma Ke changed the combination of numbers as soon as he returned from the club. Although he understood that if Clark wanted to send killers to him it would not save him much. Guessing who it may be Ma Ke just opens the door and very drunk Clark Lee falls on him.
Clark grabs Ma Ke and repeats over and over: “If you don’t forgive me, I will kill your family, I will kill your friends, I will kill you and myself too. You are mine and you will forgive me. If you don’t forgive me, I will kill … ”
Ma Ke drags Clark into the living room and sits next to him all night. Clark holds his hand with a death grip and every time Ma Ke tries to free himself, he begins to say his “mantra” about killing everyone and everything if Ma Ke doesn’t forgive him and will not be with him.
In the morning, Clark Lee pretends nothing happened. Ma Ke also pretends that everything is in the order of things.
“Breakfast and the keys to the apartment on the table,” he says.
“You are trying to escape from me?” Clark smiles, and although the uninitiated could confuse his smile with flirting, Ma Ke “feels” unvoiced words from the “mantra”.
“I need to return the money for a train ticket,” he replies. Clark nods.
“I myself will transport your belongings to my house.” Now Ma Ke nods. He does not dare to contradict Clark.
Ma Ke cannot leave the game now because Clark will not let him go. He is trying to soften the blow for Zhou Chao and is again silent about the threats of Clark. In the end, Zhou Chao suspects that Ma Ke likes to play this game and simply looking for an excuse for himself to continue the relationship with Clark.

Of course, moving to Clark’s house, Ma Ke expected their relationship to become more trusting. However, the reality surpassed all expectations. That evening, Clark introduced him to key gang members: “His name is Ma Ke. He needs to be accepted into the family because he is mine. ”

Not only Ma Ke fell into a stupor. Derek – the third person in the gang after Clark – laughed, apparently taking this statement as a joke.
“So time to lose, let’s divide our new girl into three,” he laughed.
And then he received a direct blow to the jaw from Clark. The more insightful Kin Chen kept his expressionless expression.
“Be respectful when they speak of theirs onii,” he said, and bowed first to Clark then Ma Ke. “I beg your pardon, onii-san * (“elder sister ”- this is how the yakuza boss’s wife is called). Boss, I will clarify everything to Derek. Henceforth he will not cross the border…”
Clark nodded favorably not even honing his gaze on Derek who was not trying to rise from the floor.
“This is a joke? When did I become the “elder sister” for your guys? Hey?” – Ma Ke finally came to his senses. But all his courage was gone when he met Clark’s gaze.
“Go, order the dinner for the brothers” – if the voice could freeze the water Ma Ke would become one big ice block.
“Yes, Big Boss,” Ma Ke said, heading for the kitchen.
“Ah Ting …”
“What?” Ma Ke was so surprised that he stood in the doorway.
“At home and in the presence of these people call me Ah Ting” …
So began the life of Ma Ke as the wife of the boss of the mafia clan.

This is just a pre-history recap. The full story is laid out here – http://feniksnovel.top/honest-1-eng/

To be continued


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А Тин с детства не знал родительской любви. Отец пил по-чёрному и бил мать, та же же свою ненависть к мужу переносила на сына. Единственной отдушиной для А Тина была дружба с одноклассником Ма Ке. 
Когда отец Ма Ке смог найти хорошую работу, его семья переехала в другой город и А Тин остался совсем один. Он отрезал все чувства и спустя 15 лет стал Кларком Ли – главой самой влиятельной мафиозной группировки в припортовом городе Ш.,  полностью контролирующей оборот наркотиков и оружия.
Полиция много раз пыталась внедрить своего агента в молодой, но влиятельный мафиозный клан, но каждая попытка была неудачна и на местном кладбище уже была аллея из могил погибших при исполнении полицейских.

Ма Ке и Чоу Чао лучшие друзья со старшей школы. Они вместе закончили Полицейскую Академию и попросили  распределение в один полицейский участок. Длительное время их отношения не переходили грань дружбы, пока на выпускном напившийся Ма Ке не признался Чоу Чао в том, что он ему нравится значительно больше, чем друг. Чоу его не отверг, взяв время подумать. Чоу Чао был очень амбициозным молодым человеком и хотел быстро подняться по карьерной лестнице. Учитывая политику в  отношении нестандартных отношений, отношения с мужчиной  стали бы  большой проблемой  для него.  Но и отбросить чувства Ма Ке он тоже не мог.

Когда выпускники Полицейской Академии прибыли к месту своего назначения в полицейский участок города Ш. их отношения балансировали на грани. 
Друзья (всё ещё друзья) с головой окунулись разработку банды Чёрного Дракона Ли, решив во что бы то ни стало уничтожить её. У главы банды Кларка Ли был практически  неуязвим – холоден в чувствах, жесток и очень осторожен, ни с кем не поддерживал длительных близких отношений, предпочитая краткие связи с элитными проститутками из подконтрольных ему борделей. В поисках его слабых мест, друзья углубились в биографию мафиозного босса. Увидев единственное детское фото из школьного альбома, Ма Ке побледнел и сказал: “А Тин…” 
Отец Ма Ке женился на женщине с низов и родители выгнали его из дома. Из-за этого молодой семье пришлось жить в бедном квартале, перебиваясь случайными заработками. Когда Ма Ке было 9 лет, его дед заболел и призвал непокорного сына. Жизнь Ма Ке сделала крутой вираж. Он с родителями переехал в другой город, где отец стал работать на предприятии деда. Семья больше не нуждалась, на свет появились  брат и сестра. Ма Ке получил хорошее образование и пожизненно содержание от деда после его смерти. Он мог сам выбирать свой путь.
С детства познав несправедливость и грязь мира, Ма Ке решил посвятить свою жизнь защите людей и стать полицейским. У него не было амбиций Чоу Чао, он просто хотел быть нужным и помогать. Ма Ке уже почти забыл о своем друге детства – мальчике с глазами волчонка, который вырос в настоящего волка. 
Несмотря  на риск, Ма Ке с Чоу Чао решили использовать детское знакомство для внедрения в банду. Полгода ушло на создание легенды. Ма Ке открыл магазинчик, торгующий мотоциклами, стал своим в  байкерской  тусовке и стал участвовать в гонках без правил, так как было известно, что иногда Кларк Ли также появляется на этих гонках. 
Ма Ке смог победить Кларка в одном из ночных заездов. Когда Кларк снял шлем, Ма Ке разыграл удивление: “А Тин? Это ты?”… Кларка Ли как будто ударили. На мгновение на его ничего не выражающем лице мелькнула тень эмоции. Он кивнул. “Ма Ке… ” – и просто уехал.
Чоу Чао и Ма Ке думали, что их план провалился. Они уже хотели сворачивать операцию. Но ночью в квартиру Ма Ке ворвались неизвестные в масках. Они скрутили его, вкололи наркотик, завязали глаза и заставили сесть в припаркованный у подъезда автомобиль. 
Все случившееся позднее Ма Ке помнил очень смутно. Его привезли в очень богатый дом, втолкнули в комнату, где его ждал А Тин. Но это был совсем не друг из его детства, а зверь, который не сказав ни слова, бросил его на кровать, сорвал с него одежду и взял то, что Ма Ке хотел отдать только Чоу Чао.
Утром он с трудом пришёл в себя. Кларка Ли уже не было. Молчаливые слуги принесли ему домашнюю одежду, помогли умыться, сервировали завтрак. Любое его желание исполнялось, но покидать дом он не мог. Вечером Кларк Ли дал ему выбор – или это опять будет под наркотиком или добровольно. Именно тогда он сказал эту фразу: “Больше всего я ненавижу ложь. Я всегда буду честен с тобой”. Но эта честность выходила за рамки общечеловеческой морали. И какой бы выбор не делал в будущем Ма Ке, он всегда проигрывал.
Ма Ке не собирался становиться наркоманом и ему нужно было уничтожить банду и этого ублюдка. Для этого нужно было стать ближе к Ли. А куда уже ближе?
Так он думал тогда, но все оказалось намного сложнее.

Это только рекап завязки. Полная история выкладывается здесь –http://feniksnovel.top/novel-honest/


Youtube – Honest. Mafia boss / Undercover agent / Police officer [Ah Ting & Ma Ke & Zhou Chao]



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